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  Web 2.0

Technologies such as
weblogs (blogs),
social bookmarking,
RSS feeds (and other forms of many-to-many publishing),
social software
, and
web application programming interfaces (APIs).

following concepts using ur web site that web site web 2.0

    * Is in public beta

    The Public Beta introduced the Aqua user interface to the public.
    Virtually everything was new in the operating system: fonts, the    Dock,
    even the menu bar (with an Apple logo at the center, which was later repositioned, due to public request).
    System icons were much larger and more detailed, and new interface eye candy was everywhere. As well as adding new user interface elements, the Mac OS X Public Beta added a whole new level of technical details, including an open source Darwin core and protected memory.

    * Uses inline AJAX

Inline Ajax Page (INAP) is an extremely powerful plugin that allows you to harness the power of AJAX to improve your user's experience. INAP is not only able to load posts, comments and the add comment box inline, but can also submit comments, paginate posts, paginate your homepage, display a live comment preview. Other than a few minor theme edits when you first install the plugin, nothing has to be changed to test the power of INAP. All options can be controlled directly from the Administration Panel which allows you to customize nearly every aspect of INAP.

The plugin displays an excerpt of your post (the same way Wordpress does when you use the_excerpt or tag), but rather than making the user go to another page to read the remainder of the post, this plugin uses Ajax to download and display the rest of it when the user clicks a link to read more. Afterwards the post’s content can then be hidden and the user can continue reading your other posts. It uses a similar method to display comments and the add comment box and to submit comments.


    * Denies the existance of Rocky V
    * Uses python
    * Rocks out to the dance noise sound of Chinese Forehead

    * Uses the prefix "meta" or "micro"

The <meta> element provides meta-information about your page, such as descriptions and keywords for search engines and refresh rates.

    * Is Shadows-aware
    * Mentions Tag Clouds
    * Mentions Neowin.net

Neowin.net is a technology news website that actively focuses on Windows, PCs, Mac and Linux. Neowin runs under the slogan, "Where unprofessional journalism looks better."

    * Apperars to use moo.fx(
javascript library.)
    * Mentions Less is More
    * Has a Blogline blogroll
    * Attempts to be XHTML Strict
    * Uses tags
    * Appears to be web 3.0
    * Refers to mash-ups
    * Appears to be non-empty
    * Uses Google Maps API
( javascript library.)
    * Mentions startup
    * Has favicon
    * Appears to have a Google Sitemap
    * Appears to use AJAX
    * Refers to the Web 2.0 Validator's ruleset
    * Received a cease-and-desist from CMP Media or Tim O'Reilly
    * Mentions an "architecture of participation"
    * Uses the word meme
    * Appears to use RSS
    * Makes reference to Technorati
    * JavaScript by Dreamweaver
    * Has that goofy 'My Blog is Worth' link
    * Refers to Flickr
Flickr is a photo sharing website and web services suite, and an online community platform, which is generally considered an early example of a Web 2.0 application.
    * Refers to VCs
    * Faviconized
    * Links Slashdot and Digg
    * Appears to be built using Django
    * Mentions Nitro
    * Mentions Ruby
    * Mentions The Long Tail
    * Refers to podcasting
    * Creative Commons license
    * Mentions Wisdom Of Crowds
    * Appears to use MonoRail
    * Appears to use visual effects
    * Mentions Ruby
    * Has prototype.js
( javascript library.)
    * Actually mentions Web 2.0
    * Mentions Neurogami and Web 2.0
    * Links to validator
    * Refers to del.icio.us
(Global  Bookmark )
    * Uses microformats
    * Mentions RDF and the Semantic Web
    * Uses Semantic Markup
    * Refers to web2.0validator
    * Use Catalyst
    * Refers to Rocketboom
    * References isometric.sixsided.org
    * Appears to over-punctuate
    * References Firefox
    * Mentions a blog
    * Validates as XHTML 1.1
    * Does it use DWR Ajax Library
( javascript library.)
    * Mentions Stickbob
    * Appears to have Adsense
    * Uses the "blink" tag

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